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Losing weight :(?

I've always maintained a steady weight, I am rather short for my age but it runs in my mom's side of the family. (18, 4'10") I've always weighed around 95lbs, I say a lot, have snacks, eat healthy, but recently I've noticed a big drop in my weight. Now, I understand it could be my loss of a family member recently and that my family is really tight on money and barely making it. But, now I weigh 85lbs. I'm at a loss. Is there any tips to gain my healthy weight back and/or tips to stop unintentional weight loss? Thank you much.

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  • Louis
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    6 months ago
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    My advice is to add a smoothie as a between-meal snack. You can just man-up and chug it or take your time and sip it for an hour.

    You can even use a blender to make a few days worth and keep a few tumblers of it. some you can store in the freezer.

    If you have a shaker bottle use that and take one to work or school.

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    • Louis
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      Sure. but the best thing is real food. Try this:
      one cup your choice of milk,
      one banana,
      one tbsp peanut butter

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Got the the Doctor immediately as what you describe are the beginning symptoms of Diabetes.

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  • 6 months ago

    What will really help you gain weight is, it may not be the healthiest but eat higher carbs, eat something high calorie right before you go to bed and Eat plenty of meat

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