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Should I go back to play video games because everyone hate me and I’m also working graveyard so I don’t deal with people?

I always seem to make everyone around me mad, angry, upset, and annoyed with me. I have lots of problems. I don't know if I have any type of disorders but I know I need help. My so called "friends" always gang up on me and make fun of me for being Asian, slow-minded, ADD, OCD and learning disability. They don't understand me at all. All they see is what is on the outside. I am too kind to everyone. But I have so many issues! As a kid I got bullied in middle school and adulthood. My family don’t even pay attention to me they all call me retarded. I had a horrible, terrible childhood! I was never taught ANYTHING that a kid should be taught growing up. I have learned everything in my life the HARD way. I am in college now and I have no friends. The friends I do have don't want to be seen with me in school. I am very depressed and have horrible speech, social skills, and just about everything else that makes a normal kid and people get mad with me saying the same question when I have ocd. I am not emo or suicidal or gay or bipolar. I have never EVER done drugs, or smoke weed or cigarette or joined a gang or done anything illegal besides skipping school to sleep my troubles away and bullied in public as a 25 years old.I would be a perfectly normal kid if I had a better life. No one understands where I come from or what I have gone through. And I'm tired of being like this. I need to know why I am treated like scum. I want to overcome my issues and have a normal life.

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  • 11 months ago

    You should go and get help first from a professional.

    Afterwards play your games.

    There are not too many people worth having around.

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