hospital wristband hsv : eop?

i cant really find a direct answer anywhere online?

Im sure its not herpes simplex virus? right hospitals wouldnt put that on a wristband.


just curious to know what this means besides all the other info.

is it normal to be on them.

2 Answers

  • 6 months ago

    Yes, you need to ask, could be a shorthand for who your insurance group is with, or HMO or just about anything

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  • You probably won't find that online, you can try calling the hospital and asking them.

    No info like that doesn't go on a hospital wrist band. Usually your name and a number they can identify you with, and thing you're allergic to goes on it, in case you can't tell them that.

    They don't even have to know if you have HSV.

    I've been to the hospital a few times.

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