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What bra size am I?

Under-bust measurement:

28 inches

Bust measurement:

32 inches

I calculated it and got a d cup as my result which doesn’t make sense because I always wear size 34 B (although the band is always a smidge too loose in that size and the cup the tiniest bit big). My friends say that the type of measurement I used might not work on me sense starting from under my armpits my body curves inwards a lot meaning that the number of inches around my bust would naturally be a lot more than under my bust, if that makes sense.

Pls no rude answers and females only thanks!

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  • 4 months ago

    Hey so! You will probably have to get a specially tailored bra to your measurements, as the band size should be 28 in. with a d cup size, and you are currently wearing a 34 B. Otherwise, maybe try a 32 C or D as those are common sizes in stores, or a 30 band if you can find it.

  • 4 months ago

    It's nearly impossible to accurately measure yourself and many on line bra size calculators are inaccurate. Also , if the band doesn't fit and the cups are too big or small then you are not a 34B. Like the majority of women you are wearing the wrong size bra. As suggested go to a store that offers measuring and fitting services. When you try on a bra it should fit perfectly right away and it should feel like no bra at all. Bras are tricky to fit so it is worthwhile taking the time to be measured and fitted. Once you know your size you can buy bras wherever you want and you know they will fit.

  • Rei
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    4 months ago

    A 32C would probably be a" smidge too tight" in the band. If a 34B is just slightly off, then try a different brand. Not all brands fit exactly the same.

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    Large department stores have assistants trained to measure for bras. So visit such a store. Sorry for being male. But at least I didn't ask for a pic of your best assets.

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