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Am I pregnant?

So I had unprotected sex the last day of my period which was August 1st. And about a week later my breast got tender and I took a test yesterday and it came back negative, I know. But it was one of those cheap 80 cent test. I've been a bit more hungry then usual. And today my breast are super tender, swollen and sore. Idk I'm freaking out cuz I'm not ready, but do any of you think I am based on that info? Thanks!

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  • Edna
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    12 months ago

    It's too early for you to be having ANY sort of "pregnancy symptoms" and it's probably too early to be testing for pregnancy. It doesn't matter if the test cost 80 cents or if it cost $5, all the tests are exactly the same.

    Your FIRST "symptom" of a suspected pregnancy is ALWAYS going to be if you next period is at least one week overdue. Any "symptoms" before that are not necessarily indicative of pregnancy. If you next period is at least one week "late", then take a pregnancy test.

  • 12 months ago

    If it's too early for a positive test

    It's too early for symptoms

  • Jill
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    12 months ago

    Women don't have pregnancy symptoms a week after conception. The egg would have only just implanted and you would only get a negative result on ANY home test - even one of the "early" tests. It's rare for a woman to ovulate so soon after her period so you're probably freaking out about nothing. Wait until your period is due again. If it doesn't come THEN do another test.

  • keerok
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    12 months ago

    Take another test after a week, but this time at the clinic.

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  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    < and I took a test yesterday and it came back negative >

    Could just be too early for an accurate test even if you are pregnant.

    Wait till your period is late a week and then take a pregnancy test.

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