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Why am I so addicted to my phone, WHY am I still here past 12 AM despite all the goals, plans, tactics, promises I made to sleep on time?

This happens every day and not just in the night but even in the day when i don't have work or an event that day I'm just procrastinating ALL Day. Haven't improved a bit at this since I was 13, despite trying so hard to improve. Afraid I'll procrastinate in university soon and fail a bunch of very expensive courses and end up being even more behind. God someone please help me or guide me I'm wasting my life all my times going in the dump!! Seriously please help 😫

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    Hand your phone to your parents at 7pm. Tell them not to give it back no matter what until 7am the next day.

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    Get rid of your phone.

    Real people are outside.

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    Rich old white men made it that way. They are also the reason you think Trump is a dick. In the WWE, you get to choose to be a hero or villain. Trump was in the WWE.

  • stop whining, you sound like a joke, get your act together.

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    Because you have no other interests except what is right in front of you.You have become lazy and lethargic.Slowly cut back on phone time, computer time and get outside for a walk.Make a healthy lunch, feel good about it.Extend to Renovating your bedroom, living space.Nothing over the top just a good minimalist cleanup.Then add some colour green/blue's touch of sun yellow.See inside outside.don't procrastinate about it.Draw it up and do it.A bit each day.

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    its normal. I do it a lot as well

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