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On birth control, period is a week late, but negative pregnancy tests?

Hello! I am 22 years old and I have been on the same birth control pill since I was 16. I take it everyday, at the same time, and I have not missed a pill. My LMP was 07/16 and I had sex on 07/30, he did not use a condom. I should have gotten my period 08/13 (last Tuesday), but didn’t. I took a pregnancy test (the First response early result) this past Sunday and today, both were negative. I have no early symptoms, though at 3 weeks I don’t think there are any. I did do some traveling, I flew from Switzerland (was there a month) to NY on 08/08 and then this past Friday, 08/16 from NY to CA. I was also on antibiotics for a UTI from 08/09-08/13. I have never missed a period since I’ve been on birth control. I just recently got out of a 4 year relationship and with my ex we never used condoms, but I never missed a period/had a scare like this. I know it was dumb not using a condom with this guy, but I recklessly thought since I was sexually active these past 4 years and didn’t get pregnant, what are the odds it’d happen now after one time... *sigh*

Anyway, would the traveling, antibiotics, and definite stress have affected me to the point of completely missing my period? I’m going to take another test in a couple days, but if I was pregnant wouldn’t it have been enough time already to detect the hCG in my body?

And yes, I have learned my lesson for the future!

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    I don't think you're pregnant, but you really need to read the information that comes with your pills. Antibiotics CAN interfere with the hormonal action of birth control pills. It' s more likely that your period is late, but next time, use condoms for a month when you take antibiotics.

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