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What should I do?

Hi, I m a fresh graduate who is looking for jobs. I completed my degree in Computer Science and Engineering. The problem is I m not passionate about this field. I don t think this is the right job for me. So what should I do. Since I have a degree in this field should I work in this field or should I go for something completely different?

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    Get a job in your field and give it a try for a couple of years. You'll gain valuable work experience in your field, earn some money (useful for living expenses, paying off student loans and/or saving for grad school) and have some time to think about what you really want to do. You may find yourself more interested in computer science once you are actually working instead of just doing coursework. You may become more interested if you are working in a particular field that interests you (education, science, film, finance, astronomy, homeland security or whatever). You may discover that you have skills you didn't know you had -- the ability to organize and guide a group project, the ability to manage and motivate people, the ability to do long-range planning -- that could be useful in another job or another field. You've earned a job that has value in the work force and you should give yourself a chance to see if you like the field more than you think you will.

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    What a shame to not even use such a good degree. Get a job in your field and explore your passions in your spare time. You need a job that pays well I’m sure.

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