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I need help?

I missed my first day of school and I feel so embarrassed. I have so many classes and now the teachers are going to think I'm a slacker. I don't want to walk in the class because I need a new laptop and my mom bought me a new one, but she's telling me that I have to program my Macbook to work. I've never had to program anything though... now she's threatening to return it. I look terrible and feel terrible, I don't want to go to school tomorrow but I kind of have too. Also, I don't even have the school supplies I need. I feel like c*** because I already have 7 absences because of my first day. I just want to sleep forever!

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    Quit whining and calm down. It's hardly unusual for a student to miss the first day of school- it happens all the time, All you need to do is say that you were on vacation or something, or that you misread the calendar. Not a big deal. As for the Mac, all you need to do is format it so you can use it- which means doing things like entering your name and passwords. Again, no big deal. And if you're in high school, then you are nearly old enough to drive and have a license of your own. YOU should be responsible enough now to make sure that you get your needed school supplies long before school starts. If that means you have to take the bus over to the local Walmart for some school shopping, so be it. There are worse things than that. Getting school supplies isn't your mom's responsibility, not anymore. It's YOUR responsibility now. Part of growing up, pal, is learning how to take responsibility for your own life.

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  • 6 months ago

    Sleep forever. It's not like you will ever need an education.

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  • 6 months ago

    I don't know what she means by "program" a Mac book. The whole point of Macs is that you don't have to program them. They do most things automatically. Just charge it, open it up and put in your information. Maybe that's what she means- there's a start up procedure where it asks you questions about what language you want to work in , and what username and password you want to use. It's very easy. As for the supplies- I don't understand why your Mom didn't get those, but some schools have extras on hand for kids who don't have their own. Just go- tell your teachers that your family just came back from vacation or something.

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