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How to transfer or sell an estate car in Texas?

I'm the court-appointed administrator of my father's estate and his only legal heir. Now that all outstanding debts have been settled and paid, I need to figure out what to do with his car. Since I cannot drive it and have no interest in keeping it, I intend to sell it. Since the original title is lost and I only have a copy, I will need to get a replacement title or transfer the car into my name. There is no insurance for the car and the registration is out of date. We haven't even been able to get the thing to start in about a year since the battery is dead and cannot be jump-started, though it should be able to start with a working battery. As it stands now, it is nothing but a money-pit for us since we had to spend about $1,600 in repairs just to get it out of his apartment complex's parking lot and the new battery died less than a month after bringing it home. If I sold it, it would have to run at the very least. It's worth about $6,000 or $7,000 now.

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    You could (1) get crazy nonsense answers here on Yahoo. Or (2) you could ask the department of motor vehicles. Your choice.

    Crazy nonsense answer #94: take the car apart and sell the pieces at a yard sale.

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