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Problem installing a new head unit in a 1994 Lexus ES300.?


I'm trying to install a Pioneer FH-S501BT in my Lexus ES300. The car also has a factory amp with all 8 (2 pairs in parallel) speakers wired to it. I want to keep the amp. So, I bought an adapter with RCA jacks on it that goes into the head unit. The factory harness connects to this adapter, then the adapter connects to the new head unit's harness and to the RCA jacks. The problem I'm having is that only two of the speakers work at a time. The other two make a buzzing/whining noise. Only the front pair of speaker wires were working. If I plugged the front speaker wires into the rear RCA jacks on the head unit, it would work. The rear wires from the factory harness aren't working. Anyone know why this is?


Is it possible that my new head unit isn't compatible with the old amp? I've checked the wiring and it seems fine (I'll check again to make sure).

Update 2:

What a worthless attempt at getting help... Apparently idiots get mad when they can't answer the hard questions, so they just talk trash. Why are you wasting your time?

Update 3:

Well... I figured it out. First time using the RCA jacks on a head unit so I didn't realize there were different configuration settings in the head unit for those jacks. I had it configured for a subwoofer, but changed it to Rear/Rear and all speakers work (except maybe tweeters, can't really tell anyway). Sounds good though! Didn't need a crazy system for a 25 year old car.

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  • LOL a 1994 Lexus ES300?

    Install aftermarket headlights with DRL, aftermarket taillights, aftermarket tires, aftermarket rims, front bumper stickers, hood stickers, roof stickers, trunk stickers, rear bumper stickers, LOUD aftermarket exhaust, a lowrider, re-paint the vehicle, stylish shine the painting, 50% tint the windows, replace the automatic transmission to a stick shift, and remove the front license plate.

    Then everybody on the street, highway, and parking lot will be impressed with a 1994 Lexus ES300 than a set of stock speakers running on a Pioneer FH-S501BT.

    • Alex
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      You're a retard too. Read my comment to the other retard. Also, obviously I'm not going for aftermarket anything except for the head unit or I wouldn't be trying to keep the factory amp and speakers. I just need the head unit for bluetooth. Idiots...

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  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    A high quality sound system in a vehicle has aftermarket equipment. It does NOT have stock speakers, it does NOT have stock speaker wirings, it does NOT have a stock head unit, it does NOT have stock amplifiers, etc...

    You're using crappy stock wirings, cheap crappy adapters, etc...

    You NEED to feed your speakers with a 2 or a 4-5 channel amplifier. NOT with an OLD crappy stock 1994 "Factory Amp".

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