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Could I have PCOS?

Hey! So I’m a 25 year old female and I get my periods every month. Except the last three months I have noticed it’s been lighter than usual but I never miss a period. But I have an increase in spotting days. Also, about a year ago I had always had painless periods but now I’ll have pain for a couple of hours and then it passes and then it’s painless for the rest of it. I have had progressively thinning hair for years. I have a couple of thick hairs on my chin that I pluck, side of face, down the abdomen. But I am not overweight, at least in my opinion 5’4 around 137 pounds always have been in that range. And I never get acne so I’m confused what this might be.

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  • 6 months ago

    It doesn't sound like PCOS. It sounds normal to me, but see your GP if you're worried.

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