Should I reach out to this girl?

I’m a 21 year old guy and a cashier at a grocery store. About this time last year, I got a new co worker at work. A 19 year old girl. She worked in the bakery department. Very cute. She would run up to me and hug me while I was on the register. I took this as “she must like me”. So one day on break I walked over to the bakery. I said I was hungry, but didn’t know what I wanted. She told me what her favorite treat was. So I ordered it, said thank you, and paid for it. I came back with the donuts and a receipt and I said “these are for you. I was wondering if you wanted to hang out with me sometime”. She said yes and for several months she texted me almost everyday. We would go to the mall, I drove her around in my truck, get ice cream, etc. then around February she stopped texting me and said she was “busy”. It hurt. I went on to see other girls on official dates (we never officially “dated” I guess. But I still think of the bakery girl. She no longer works at my store. Left around June or so. And I will NEVER hear from her. Can I text her hi without looking bad? It’s possible she has a boyfriend now. But I cared for her as a person. And I quite frankly miss her. She was really my first friend who was a girl to be honest. Do I reach out and ask her how she is or no? It’s been like half a year since communication. My buddy has a theory she liked me in a “puppy dog” way rather than romantic. No matter, I feel like I lost a really good friend.

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  • 6 months ago
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    I think so. I think she likes you

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