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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 8 months ago

Why is Jay-Z moving in on Collin Kaepernick's racket?

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  • 8 months ago
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    JJ Watts has done more for people than these two ever has. Disagree with the prison reform bill, but Trump has done more for prison reform than these two. One is a pampered entitled Quarterback raised by European descent family while the other got thousands of people hooked on drugs with many OD deaths. What Kaepernick wants is basically allow crime & delinquency to pester & threatened deteriorating communities raising the murder rate.

    Sub Saharan descent leadership seems to be heavily reliant on victimhood tantrum/shakedowns, rather than accepting accountability & being self reliant instead using victimhood to provide cover for failures or corrupt behaviors. Currently criticizing failures of decades long leadership in deteriorating blue state cities is being labeled as racist by activist, advocates & officials asking for more money despite billions wasted over decades blaming slavery & racism. Slavery was abolished 150+ years ago by European descent having won the civil war, & the Civil Rights Act passed 55 years ago. It took Japan less than 50 years to recover from WWII starting form 1952's independence

    Kaepernick is denial of European & European descent's pursuit in freeing sub Saharan slaves from bondage & from their cultural tribal bondage, because it's in Kaepernick's best interest of business in keeping the troubles, hardship, & victimization, before the public. Kaepernick don't want their sheep to loose his/her grievances or they'll simply make one up like Sharpton & Smollett, because they do not want to loose their careers, & JZ want's a piece of the action. They are a certain class of social-problem solvers who don't want the patient to get well, cause as long as the disease holds out, They all have not only an easy means of making a living, but also an easy medium through which to make themselves prominent before the public (self promotion).

    They can't see how much have changed. To protest the flag is to protest the constitution as the US Flag is a symbol that represent the US sovereign, constitution, & the evolution of laws & governance throughout its existence. Frederick Douglas hailed the U.S. Constitution as the greatest Document ever created. Though the constitution may allow that right to protest the flag as interpreted by Supreme Court Justices, it doesn't mean Kaepernick & others are right. All Kaepernick & others are right.are doing is making a mockery of the Abolition of Slavery, the Civil Rights Act, the Great Society programs & all those that sacrificed for country & constitution that the US flag represents from the revolutionary wars through WWII in opposition of the NAZI regime & now global Islamism (Al Qaeda, ISIS, Al Shabaab, Boko Haram...). Kaepernick & others are not doing anything legislatively. They should be offended at the sight of Arabs & Sub Saharan Africans for raiding, selling, & supplying Sub Saharan Slaves to N Africa, Arabia, Persia, Turkey, India & the Americas as they kept the practice going in Arabia & most of Arabize Africa up until the mid 1960s, Mauritania 2007. The practice (Slavery/Human Trafficking) still continues silently in sub-Sahara Africa in the guise of Tradition.

    In North Africa & Arabia, Sub Saharans Africans are repressed even in Sub Sahara depending on tribal Affiliation. It's not primarily about skin tone. It's also about behavior, not having to have created a written language and build great civilizations independently that rivals other great civilizations. Arabs created the standards of beauty when purchasing wives or harems putting Eastern Europeans on top, Northern Europeans/Scandinavian 2nd, Assyrians, Persians, East Asians 3rd, Tuaregs, Yemenis, South (Indians) & S/E Asians (Austronesians/Indochinese) 4th, Mestizos & Mulattos teeters between 3rd to 5th depending on percentage of add mixtures, Australoid & Sub Saharan are 5th or 6th. In the USA sub Saharan descent are heavily patronized and privilege. Sub Saharan descent delinquent & criminal behavior in inner cities targeting non-sub Saharan descent makes it more difficult to be trusted despite all the patronizing entitlements, protective privileges and sympathies directed at Sub Saharan descents, even if Hollywood & the National media keeps hiding Sub Saharan nature in the name of SJW PC. How sub Saharan descents in the U.S.A. mostly behaves constantly demanding special privileges isn't seen in a good light in S. Asia, Arab states, & the rest of the non-western world. listed the top 5: India, Lebanon, Bahrain, Libya, Egypt ...

    China, Taiwan, Japan, Western Europe & the U.S. didn't make the top 20 list. Singapore, Hongkong, Japan, China & Korea are model countries where foreigners can thrive as a minority, but it does not mean that, these country will allow themselves to be overrun, overtaken & usurped by foreigners who wish to take advantage or simply take their success for which they sacrificed for from 1,000 to 2,000+ years of contiguous civilization. Tribalism, exist in every nation in the world. Asian countries in the top 20 have very deep tribal prejudice & isn't as pleasant to foreigners (Austronesians hates Chinese more than Japanese despite WWII). Japan is the most hospitable & patronizing country in Asia, if not the world, towards foreigners, but doesn't necessarily mean they trust foreigners, notably Austronesians, hanging out in large groups, & certainly don't want to be overrun by any foreign groups exceeding 1% of the Japanese population. Mainland China is the 2nd most hospitable and probably wants to keep their Homogeneity above 90%. Hong Kong having a much higher percentage of foreigners than Mainland China isn't as hospitable to foreigners or mainlanders.

    India isn't a very pleasant country, but Lebanon, Bahrain, Libya, Egypt, Palestine, Nigeria, S. Africa, Sudan, Somalia, Pakistan, & Yemen are equally, if not more unpleasant for sub-Saharan descent & S/E Asian Pacific. The Slave Culture is still alive in Islamic states throughout the middle east trough Immigrant Sponsorship with immigrants usually unpaid, abused, raped & beheaded. Slavery is pretty much hidden throughout the Sahel & Islamist like ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, & Al Shabaab wants to revived it in its former glory out in the Open. Among Sub Saharan republics (Nigeria, Congo, Kenya...) Traditional Slavery still exist. Slaves weren't just obtained through warfare & raiding campaigns which also involved rape & mutilations, but also offering ones virgin tween daughter as payment for an offense to another family or spirits for which the spiritual leader receives the pubescent girl as his slave in labor & sex. With the arrival of Arabs (1000CE-1200CE) in the interior of Sub Sahara & before the Portuguese (late 1400s) sailed around Africa & set up trading ports with costal bush kingdoms, tribal warfare controlled population through sacrificial ceremonies that may involved having to consume sacrificial offerings, a practice that still exist. Joshua Milton Blayhi (Gen. Butt Naked) being notorious for conducting these sacrificial ceremonies as its High Priest in Liberia (VICE: Cannibal Warlords). In Tanzania, Albinos mostly children, are killed for their body parts as charms, souvenirs, & even consumed in the same manner that Gorilla hands and feet are sold as charms or souvenirs, the rest being consumed in the beliefs of gaining some powers like Black Panther's heart of herb. After abolition of slavery swept Europe (serfs), N. Americas, then central & S. America 30-40 years later, Sub Saharan Bush Kingdoms, later republics, still had a reliable slave trading partner with Arab & Arabize nations for another 100-140 years (Saudi Arabia (1964), UAE (64), Zanzibar (64), Mauritania 2007). Europe tried to develop Sub Sahara Africa with their tech, medicine, writing/documentation & system of governance. Now China is trying to finish where Europeans left off.

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  • Daddio
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    He has ulterior motives

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Like you even really care about them.

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  • Rich B
    Lv 4
    8 months ago

    Shaking down the NFL?

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