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How can we transform mars into an earth like planet?

Can we release c02 in the atmosphere by melting the polar ice caps by a huge mirror directing on them from the sun?

Can we then plant trees there?

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    Well, 'Red Planet' was an entertaining movie, but a number of factoids left out to overcome.

    The hardest would be the creation of a suitable magnetosphere to keep solar radiation from turning any vegetation to a crisp. (May be why none there) Protective biomes could solve that.

    A viable notion why Martian atmosphere is so thin is solar flares and wind blasting it into space.

    Plant trees, make an atmosphere, only to loose it in the solar winds. Trees soon become ashes.

    Lets not forget the super tornadoes also, even on earth those uproot trees and toss them many miles.

    And what of the soil,,will plant even root there??

    Red planet suggested algae and chloroplast. That would singe in daylight.

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  • Sharon
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    6 months ago

    Mars atmosphere is already over 95% CO2, so adding to it will have little effect on potential habitability

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  • 6 months ago

    Start off small then work your way up.

    When you can transform a baseball into a grapefruit you are ready to take the next step.

    OK then wheres my grapefruit?

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  • mokrie
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    6 months ago

    You've been watching too many movies. Over 200 degrees during the day and way below zero at night. Huge storms. Tornadoes a thousand times bigger then on Earth. What looks like water running on the planet are really acids. We may colonize there but it won't be like Earth for another billion years or more of our best technology.

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