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Why haven't classic rock "royalty" ever quite warmed to Jack White the way many did with the Black Crowes during their nineties heyday?

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  • Because Jack White is a bit of a pretentious tool.

    "classic rock royalty" generally fall into to general sorts. There are the ones who hole up on a farm somewhere like Paul McCartney and the ones who want to be band leaders and show up at anything like Ringo Star.

    The Ringo Starrs aren't big fans of the people who want to proclaim themselves royalty above the already deified royalty.

    They prefer Tom Pettys, who will go and get coffee for Bob.

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  • 6 months ago

    i dont know one effing person who's heavily into classic rock who "warmed" up to the black crows

    thats totally inaccurate

    if you want a positive reaction from a classic rock buff, try bringing up someone like queens of the stone age

    white stripes had a good little zepplin thing going on for a little while, but the best of us listened to a lot more than just zepplin in our day

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