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Is a Full Mouth X-Ray Series normal for a first visit to a new dentist?

Today me and my sister had our first appointments with our new dentist after moving at the beginning of the summer. I am a little concerned about the x-rays they took on me and if they are normal.

The dentist requested they take a full mouth series (18 x-rays) since I am 15. In the past, I either had 2 bitewings and occasionally a panoramic. I never had 18 taken.

I am also concerned about how the hygienist took the x-rays. For each x-ray she would close the door to the x-ray room as she walked out to take it and then would take a long time to take the x-ray. I could count to 60-90 from when she closed the door to when I would hear the machine beep. At my old dentist, they would stand in the doorway with a cord and take the x-ray after just a few seconds. I have no idea why it took the hygienist so long to take each x-ray since I was closed in the room.

Just wondering if it is normal for a dentist to take full mouth x-rays and if the procedure the hygienist followed of closing me into the room and then taking a long time to operate the machine is normal.

My sister is 12 and only had to have bitewings and a few others. Not sure why the made me sit for so many. Would like to know why they took so many x-rays and why it took the hygienist so long to take them. Also wondering why they took 18 individual x-rays instead of a panoramic when it seems like that would have given them the same information and been quicker.

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  • Andy C
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    6 months ago
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    Absolutely. NOT getting one would be worrisome.

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Yes. I believe every year they give you one.. so every 2 appointments.

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