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When did you come to terms with being naturally very intelligent?

Like jist noticing A LOT... Most of the time. Picking up info, making connections other might not. And accurately. Not talking about being imaginative although that may be there, too.

It doesn't make you better than dumber folk. I don't even try to be intelligent lol. I don't read and study hard.

I used to call myself dumb a lot. Maybe it was wishful thinking (wishing I was fitting in more with many others). But honestly I just see a lot. My brain is in overdrive. (And not talking about being a geek or nerd.) It's social wits, emotional, artistic etc. One thing that makes me glad about it is that I came often assess multiple different possibilities so I'm not often surprised.

What about you?

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    I eventually realized that there is very little demand for intelligence. Some employers do not like to hire people smarter than they are. Find a place where you can get useful experience.

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    When I was in 5th grade, everyone got tested. Some type of standard test in the mid 1950s that was popular then. No one, not even my parents, would tell me what my "score" was. But someone said I could be anything I wanted to be. And the school wanted me to skip a grade or two. My parents shot down that idea. Probably because I was already having a hard time adjusting to yet another change of schools, as well as country, and language.

    Later I went to a private school that was a year ahead of the best public school district in the USA. I did okay. Another test showed I was able to do work years ahead of where I was. After that, I went to a public school that was in an average to poorly rated district in another state. I learned nothing but some advanced math for four years. I got lazy.

    Source(s): In the mid 2000s there was a Fox TV show about IQ testing. People from different occupations were on stage and took a live test. People nationwide did the same on their computers live on line. Results were anonymous. Dr Drew Pinsky, a noted TV show psychiatrist, got highest score of the 100 people on stage, a rating of similar to a 144 IQ. I did well.
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    If you want intel you must offer something to the God of this world. What do you have to offer?

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