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How come people pick on an autistic man and taunt him about going to jail to make him go crazy and raise paranoia?

So I have autism and so I did something that is stupid sort of. I did ding dong ditch and the police got mad at me and arrested me. I have now an court date. I went to see this lady at the state clinic again today and as always she started stuff with me. She brought up the whole situation and told me that I can face jail time. I am tired of this as I told her last week that the attorney is taking care of it and the attorney says he will take care of me. I told her that again today and I said the attorney when I saw him last week he said nobody goes to jail or prison over this. She said he doesn't know what he is talking about and she bashed him and said that there are people that did go to jail over this and she said you better prepare yourself for the worse. She claims that I can't get a slap on the wrist as this is a 2nd time I got arrested. I got my previous stuff expunged so its gone and this counts as a 1st offense. This attorney has helped me in the past with some of my legal troubles as a minor when I made a bomb threat and I got community service for that. She said that was when your 14, your 29 now and an adult. I was highly confident in the attorney until she started this again and then got me paranoid and worried again. I want to quit seeing her but I am forced to go see her. My other private clinic therapists never treat me this way. How come she treats me so poor and makes me get paranoid ?? Why is she doing this to me instead of helping me feel better ?

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    Why is she trying to make you understand that your actions can have negative consequences?

    Probably because you don't seem to get that.

    You seem to think that you can do whatever you want and that everyone else will take care of it

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