Now that Turkey has initiated its hardware in rebel held Syria today, do you think Turkey's F-16s will prove better than Russian planes?

Sure wish the news media reported on it. They need some serious footage. It is a war after all!

Turkey has spent a few weeks, maybe a month trucking tanks and other hardware into southern rebel held areas in Syria. Today Turkish F-16s have been patroling while Russian warplanes make their typical bombing runs.

This could get interesting now that Turkey with modern aircraft and tanks enter the fray.


It's real but it isn't World War 3. Not even close. We may see some serious MiG vs. US F-16 action though.

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  • 6 months ago

    us planes have already been proven better than russian planes

    us aircraft are like 200-0 against russian jets in the ;last 50 years

    the mig 21 had a slight edge at the beginning of vietnam war, but that ended as soon as the F-4 came out and the US started top gun and red flag, but us fighter at the start of vietnam war, were designed to chase down bombers and soot them down, not to go up against fighters.

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