Does using my ipad that is linked to my phone's hotspot use more data than just using my phone?

Scenario 1: I use instagram for thirty minutes on my phone, using my data plan

Scenario 2: I use instagram for thirty minutes on my ipad, using my phones data plan via a hotspot

Does Scenario 2 use more data than Scenario 1? Are they the same in terms of data usage. Thanks for the help; I do not know much about topics like this.

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  • 11 months ago
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    I suppose scenario 2 might use bit more data. Your iPad will do other things on the network other than just loading IG. For instance, it might look for notifications, checking apps for updates, etc. This usually doesn't use too much more data, but it might be a bit noticeable. And just so you know, you can usually see the amount of mobile data you're using on your phone's network settings.

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