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New puppy items?

I don’t want to go overboard on amazon so I just want to know what essentials you’d recommend for a small puppy in an apartment. I know the very basics like crate toys food.. but maybe something you wish you had gotten in the beginning that you’d pass on as a tip for me?

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    Grain free food

    Food bowls

    Water bowl

    Placemat for the bowls

    Container for kibble

    Scoop for kibble

    Dog bed





    Nail clippers

    Poop bags

    Do hope you're either adopting a puppy or buying one from a quality AKC show breeder and not buying some backyard breeder puppy on craigslist?

    If you're not adopting do you have another $500+ for altering, all the series of puppy shots, defleaing, deworming, disease testing and chipping?

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      I'd delay the collar and lead bit because you need to be able to measure the puppy so the collar fits.

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  • 6 months ago

    I will not help you. I don't think apartment life is good for any dog, unless the apartment has a yard. & I HATE crate training. There are many other options, training being first on the list. If a dog gets proper training, you won't need to crate it.

    Every day when you come home the puppy will be covered with pee & poop & it is smeared all over the inside of the crate. Now you have to pick up that shitty puppy & wash the shitt off. Then you gotta take the crate apart to properly clean it & you still not have had a chance to even say hello without all the BS.

    Potty training starts the day you bring your puppy home. You got to get the pup outside to pee or poop. How fast can you get that puppy to a place where it can pee? No pee pads. Disgusting, germ infested, stinking things are not the way to go. They stink up the house & they just teach your dog it can go anywhere in that apartment it wants to. It is a dog, not a cat. Name this new pup 'Shitty' cause it is going to be that way until you have taught the pup to go OUTSIDE.

    You can google, 'first time puppy owner what do I need?', 'what do I need to get before I bring my new puppy home?' There are sooooo many sites that can answer your questions, just get on google & do some research.

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    Sorry, I would not have a puppy in an apartment unless it was ground floor and had immediate access to grass or a fenced courtyard. Some larger, older homes have "apartments" for rent inside of them or in the basement, etc.

    Any puppy will have to be housebroken & may also have tummy upsets, so this makes for a SURE FIRE disaster in a rental unit (on carpet or real wood floors) - if you can't get it OUTSIDE -FAST ENOUGH.

    Do NOT fall for the pee or wee pads. That is a SCAM product that DOES NOT WORK (and if you TRAIN a puppy to GO INDOORS - it will NEVER become housebroken (NOT to GO inside) all over everywhere, once not FORCED to GO (by tight confinement) on a pad or fully pad- carpeted, surface. BTW, the absorbing crystals IN the PADS are TOXIC if the puppy chews on, and ingests it.

    You need: a crate, 1 water & 1 food bowl (out of stainless steel) 6 ft. leather leash, adjustable nylon/cloth collar with a METAL buckle; NOT plastic buckle (that "breaks" open) with a bit of tugging on the leash. You need the food the breeder or shelter is feeding and a variety (3 to 5 ONLY!) of soft (& squeaky) & harder chew toys that are size appropriate.

    I HIGHLY recommend at least one puppy advice/training book such as, "How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With" by Rutherford & Neil that will take you thru the WHOLE FIST YEAR and various mental & physical development phases.

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  • 6 months ago

    my puppy loves my wife's vibrator

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    These are essentials items that must be purchased:

    - Multivitamin tablet

    - Tofu

    - Malaleuca oil

    - Dental kit

    Tofu will be used to make homemade soy kibble for puppy. When ground and shaped with multivitamin, will promote canine health and ward off disease like parvovirus.

    Malaleuca oil is a natural antimicrobial that will help regulate puppy immune system and eradicate infections.

    Remember: Vet is scam artist. All health issue can be handled at home.

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