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LEOSA in California?


LEOSA in California.

I'm a commissioned LEO in Nevada and I've concealed carried my Glock with department duty hollow points in CA before. I'm just wondering if I have to comply with CA laws pertaining to types of rounds and magazine capacity?

So I've never put much thought about it until I've read on how the state of HI stands with LEOSA.

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  • Foofa
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    Nope. In fact we're now passing laws here to make it more likely that officers are harmed in the line of duty. Were it not for the hugely inflated pensions CA peace officers get no one would even want the job.

    • Triple711 months agoReport

      I've read that is more along the lines for use of force while on duty, which really sucks.
      But when I CCW in Cali, I can carry my duty hollow point rounds in my firearm?

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  • 11 months ago

    A law enforcement officer in one state is NOT a law enforcement officer in any other state absent the fresh pursuit doctrine, in which case the officer from the foreign state must be in full uniform.

    Therefore, your law enforcement credential from Nevada would not function as a concealed carry permit in California, and unless you have an actual concealed permit in the state of CA (or a Nevada Permit if CA has a reciprocity agreement), you would be unlawfully carrying the firearm without a permit. For LEOSA to kick in, you have to be able to prove the weapon was shipped through an instrument of interstate commerce, otherwise LEOSA is inoperable under the 10th amendment. The burden is on you to prove that LEOSA is in fact operable under your particular case, because the legal presumption for purposes of probable cause is that LEOSA does not effect provisions of state law. (i.e. it is presumed by default that the weapon was not in fact shipped in interstate commerce absence compelling evidence to the contrary.)

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