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Is 35 or 36 kinda middle aged?

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    It borderline middle age meaning it on the very top end range of the young age right before middle age begins which starts at 40. Basically your living your actual last ages on being young. Another 4 to 5 years and your officially middle age...

    Here a proper rule of thumb

    0 to 1 year old: infant

    1 to 5 years old: toddler

    5 to 12 years old: child

    12 to 13 years old: pre-teen

    13 to 18 years old: teenager

    18 to 25 years old: young adults

    25 to 40 years old: full grown adults

    40 to 60 years old: middle aged adults

    60+ years: senior citizens

    Of course age is just a number, it really has to do with how you feel in the inside that makes you feel like the age you are, if you feel old then your going to act old if you feel young then your going to act young. It mind over matter...

    Btw, I'm 27 years old but I feel like I'm 18 years old again

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    Only if you plan on dying when you’re 70.

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    I don't know. If you are gonna die at 38 then 36 is pretty old. If you live to be 120 then 36 is a spring chicken. It would be easier to decide if you knew when you were gonna die. I don't think you can depend on retirement age. I made my fortune and retired when I was 47. I am now 62. Guess I am past old and into being dead.

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    It feels like it, but considering people are now living to 90 and even 100 I would feel safe to say middle age is between 40-50

    But if we say Social Security retirement age is old age, 65 would be the start of old age,,,,so maybe 40-65?

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