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Disappointed in my savings rate?

So ive been saving for a couple years now and I just feel like its stuck and its so slow. I only have $10,000 out of all the time and energy ive wasted. Im putting away each month EVERYTHING I can. Even going without eating. What should I do to get this thing going?

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    Oh Good Grief! Savings is a terrible place to be! If you have no plans for the money in next 5 years; invest it. Short of telling you how to invest; I'd ask someone that you trust or the investment brokerage you place your money with....Fidelity, USAA, Vanguard...go with someone'll get less self-serving advice that way. Banks and people like like that will likely recommend High commission stuff. Go with a brokerage firm!

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    Invest...don't keep it in savings...

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    LOL, troll. You know $10,000 is a nice chunk of change, and I doubt you have skipped many meals.

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    Life is tough. Then you die.

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