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How long before Greenland's glacier melt raises sea level 25 feet?

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    If the glacier continues to melt at its current rate, approximately 15,000 years. That number could change drastically if temperatures continue to rise, or cool down.

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    Since 1998, it’s been melting and adding about 0.027 inches a year to global sea levels. If the entire Greenland ice sheet were to melt, it would raise global sea levels by 20 feet. So technically the answer is "never."

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    Maybe just before the sun goes red giant and consumes earth.

    Not enough ice on Greenland to raise sea levels even 1 inch, not that that is insignificant.

    Not likely enough water on earth, poles included to raise sea levels 25 foot. That would be near double all the ice and water combined.

    Answer,,never gonna happen.

    Lets see,,,196.9 million mi² X 25 foot,, sheesh,, 9.604X10^17 cubic feet of water,, more than great lakes by a long shot. Throw in arctic ocean for good measure.

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    My house is 400 ft above sea level, so 25 ft wouldn't worry me.

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    I could give you a number but it won't have much value because we cannot predict the deglaciation process that perfectly. If Greenland were to lose enough ice to add 1 inch to sea level per year (an absurdly large amount that is very unlikely), then it would take 300 years to increase sea level by 25 feet. 1/25 of that rate (1/25th of an inch per year on average, or about 1 mm per year) might be sustainable, and that would mean something like 7500 years.

    Sea level change during the peak period of deglaciation (14,000 through 9000 years ago) was about 80 m in 5000 years, which is actually pretty close to the 25 ft per 300 years rate I started with, but for ALL melting ice on earth, not just Greenland.

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    That depends on when Trump buys it, and melts off all the ice to make golf courses.

  • 12 months ago

    I cant wait to finally get my beach house residence

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