If i tried ecstacy one time in june and have hair test in august. Do i have a greater chance of passing or failing? I tried it ONCE?

I don't know if hair tests, test for frequent users or can even find the drug if u used it one time like i did in june.

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  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    A hair analysis goes back 3 to 4 months. They're mainly going to be looking 4 a repetitive cycle of drug bands in your hair marijuana is going to show up the one time that you used the ecstasy may or may not show up. But if that's the one and only drug that you used. And they detect the band in your hair I'd be darned if I'd say well I only used it one time. I would stick to my guns and say that I'm a non drug user. According to the research that I did one single drug use is not going to show up. But if you've been using marijuana and other drugs it is going to show up.

    • Kierrw11 months agoReport

      I smoked a month ago but its just a 4 panel non marijuana i saw it in the email

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