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What are the effects of Jupiter Sextile venus when it’s present in the natal chart and synastry?

So in my natal chart I have Venus Sextile to my Jupiter. In my synastry with another guy my Jupiter Sextile his Venus. I read about this aspect having to do with being a lucky couple when it comes to synastry but if it’s present in my natal chart is it activated?

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  • Janet
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    11 months ago

    Jupiter sextile Venus, natally means that how the person reaches out to life and to network is compatible with their relating style. Sometimes this includes a certain degree of personal tolerance and/or charm. But the sextile is a weak influence.

    In synastry, sextiles are even weaker. It indicates that the Jupiter person is tolerant and generous to the Venus person ... but of course, the stronger aspects have to also support this for it to have much effect.

    Jupiter is often called the planet of "luck", but really all it is, is an indication of being tolerant, optimistic and able to recognize opportunities ... self-created luck.

    Luck is not activated. We either act on our opportunities or we don't.

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  • 11 months ago

    Sextile is always positive and the more you have it, the more good luck you have

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