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My baby NEVER wants to be put down.. help?

My almost 5 month old never wants to be put down. Everytime I try putting her down, she'll cry until I pick her up. I love her to death but she's getting too heavy to carry her around.. She NEVER wants to sleep and is ALWAYS up. The only time she really sleeps is when I take her for car rides, otherwise she might have a 5 minute nap but she sleeps mostly at night (around 10pm or 11pm) and sleeps until 6 or 7am then she pretty much is up for the day unless I'm lucky and she sleeps for an hour after being fed.. I can't get anything done (her dad is not in the picture) because I am holding her 24/7.. what can I do? She doesn't have acid reflux

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    So hold her. Get a sling, a carrier, whatever works. Five kids, all held for pretty much the first six months almost 'round the clock, and two of them still needed near-constant contact for a few months longer than that. I wore my now 16-year-old constantly for about nine months, once he decided it was time to get down he immediately became (and remains) my most fiercely independent child.

    I wore them on my back while cooking and cleaning, had a mesh sling for showering, wore them on my hip or back for shopping, and so on. My personal favorite is Baby Hawk/Mei Tai sash carrier that I could convert to any position I needed, and held us through at least three years old with each of them.

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    This got us through so many nights! Our baby boy is colicky and never slept and was just all around not a happy baby until we got Babies Magic Tea and has helped him pass so many gas bubbles and reduced his crying and helped him sleep. He still woke for feedings and didn’t seem drowsy when given to him which made me feel better!

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    put the child down and deal with the crying

    you are the one with a problem not the baby

    you need to realize the baby is a baby and needs to learn they cannot have what they want all the time

    if this is too much for you... put the child up for adoption

    your lack of being ready for this is showing , being single and not mentally ready to raise a baby

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    Read a child care book

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    This is where you take a look at history and see how the American Indians coped with that exact same problem it's called an Indian papoose get yourself one and stick your baby in the papoose and carry it around it'll make you strong.

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    In a few months she will begin wanting to be down and crawling.

    Eventually she will leave for college.

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    Mothers of today, take baby to a hospital ask for Pediatrician a baby doctor who deals with child care. Don't worry about money, get baby some medical help.

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    She has you well trained. You have no clue how babies operate. If you had ignored her the first time it happened you would not now have the problem. Loving her to death is irrelevant in this instance. Now you must try to undo the situation. You will just have to ignore her. Walk away. It will take time but it will work. You need to accept that you created the problem. Later on when she throws a tantrum don't respond. If you do you will be stuck in a similar situation that you are now.

    Source(s): Dad of two well behaved daughters.
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      I agree to a point with tri bc my step mom and mother in-law try to tell me "your spoiled her giving her the boob all the time" "Just give her the binky shell stop crying" Blah blah blah it makes me mad like I know what I'm doing ik what's best for my baby

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    Why do you ask this all the time? Seems like your "baby" should be in the fifth grade by now.

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      Toddlers at this age can probably be difficult to figure out .

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