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Why does alcoholic liver disease only affect some alcoholics and others have no damage at all after years of heavy drinking?

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  • Andy C
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    The exact same reason why only 85%: of the population is fat: DNA.

    Your DNA determines the construct of your liver, and some can take more abuse than others.

    Eventually, EVERY person's liver succumbs to fatty liver disease, but many have something else go wrong first or get hit by a bus.

    Eventually, all peoples will get fat in the same exact way.

    It all (obesity, fatty liver disease, diabetes II, etc.) comes down to a matter of time and amount of exposure.

    Alcoholic fatty liver disease only differs from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in that the poison In the first, is alcohol.

    In the second, the poison is typically fructose (sugars and most breads/pasta).

    Source(s): You are speaking with the person who probably knows more than most doctors about alcoholism, livers and diet. I got my start by reading "Fat Chance..." by Dr. Robert Lustig M.D.
  • Kerri
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    12 months ago

    Apart from alcohol consumption, several contributory factors, including diet, lifestyle, mental health, viral liver infection and gender, influence the risk of developing cirrhosis, There is evidence that genes influence the development and progression of this disease.

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    because they are destroying less their livers, which can be 'regenerated'. when that virtual border is crossed, liver cells are dying, and being replaced with undfined connective tissue - fibrocytes, lipocytes...i could go further, but why don't you search wikipedia

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