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I had a dream can anyone interpret it?

So i was at a mall with a friend having a good time, we were both in our bathing suits for some reason. We were chilling in starbucks when my friend said “imma take a shower” (idk why there was a shower there) so i waited for him, then he came out and i went in next. when i was in there a woman came in and asked to rinse off. i don’t like to say no so i said yes and let her. then i tried to shower again but people kept on interrupting me to the point i got so frustrated i just stormed out. now i was in a completely different setting. I was in a park. i tried to run to the swing set but three girls cut me off. i managed to grab one of the chains but that ended up cutting my hand. i recall shouting but i’m not sure what i shouted. then my dad came over and smiled at me while i was crying on the ground and said “that’s enough come on kinsley” and he held out his hand. then the dream ended and i woke up.

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    U feel frustrated in relation and flush it out but failed

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