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Taking propranolol for anxiety?

I have pretty bad social anxiety issues that I’ve been battling for the past few years. I’m leaving for college and I don’t want my anxieties to get in the way of me making friends and participating in class. When I get this anxiety, my body starts overheating and I develop red blotches on my neck and chest that usually last until I’m calmed down which is super annoying and not to mention embarrassing. I did my research and learned about propranolol and talked to my doctor and she prescribed it to me. So far it has worked great and makes my body feel calm in these situations. However, I’ve heard that overtime it’s affect starts to wear off. Is there anyway to prevent this or another medication that could help with this issue more long term? Thanks!

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    Long term you will grow out of these feelings as you mature. You won't be blushing when you are in your 40s with kids and responsibilities. This anxiety is an overdeveloped feeling about how people perceive you. You will soon find that people are more interested in themselves not you.

    However, beta blockers can work for many years.

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    • Tavy
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      Not in my generation born after the last war. There were no drugs or therapy we had to get on with it and overcome it.

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