I'm a white guy and I live in a mostly ghetto black neighborhood, would all my fellow blacks in the hood plz stop being racist towards me?

I love black people which I why I live here and I cannot afford to live around white people.


peace and love, Martin Luther king said to love everyone including your white brothas

Update 2:

@brother x.

you shut the hell up.

stop being racist.

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  • 6 months ago

    I used to love blacks too years ago. but slowly over time noticed their victimhood mentality and their racism. they are always thinking about skin color or reparations. or how they are the only victims in all of human history. how they have it worse than everyone else blah blah blah. and yeah they hate whites because they hate their own skin color. that's why they call each other queen or king. hahaha yeah right. Martin Luther King Jr had it down right and um he is the man. Great example for all people.

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    for me the problem is that you are friends with the black community, you are friends with a number of black people; then, along comes some racist and ruins you day by attacking you.

    it is sad but true.

    this is why i am careful around the black people, because it is dangerous territory if you were born with the wrong skin color.

    current media- race-politics are such that protect black-aggression against whites.

    when the community is 98% christian, then 98% of the crimes in your community are christian-on-christian crimes; who can you really trust?

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