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Want to become an event planner but need help on how to start.?

So I've been thinking for a while of becoming an even planner, specially for weddings but I want to start off little by little with small baby showers like 20-60 people but how can I charge the clients (I've researched but I don't understand very much how it works in regards of fees and stuff like that) ? And as a planner would I need to book a venue for them, buy decorations myself and take them to the baby shower, book cakes, catering? (I mean I'm sure I need to right? That's why it's called a planner.. but I just want to make sure). Also, do you recommend to buy stuff (decorations, plates, silverware, etc..) before starting a business? How do I find out what are the typical rates in my location, because I've been googling but it just shows in general, would I have to ask them as if I were a customer?

I know these questions might sound dumb but I just need help on understanding better.

If you have anything you want to add, in case i forgot to ask something, feel free tp let me know :)

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  • 10 months ago

    Consult with event production company

  • 12 months ago

    Identify whether your skills are right for event planning

    If you are better suited working behind a desk with little customer engagement, then event planning is not right for you. If you prefer working alone in a non-collaborative, yet organized environment, then you may want to reconsider this career move. Finally, if on-the-spot creative thinking is not your strong suit, then your ambitions might be a better fit elsewhere.

  • 12 months ago

    You want to be an event planner but don't know "how to start."

    Your first action is to ask a bunch of clueless anonymous Yahoos on an internet message board who don't have a clue but have lots of opinions anyway.

    You don't understand "fees and stuff."

    Three strikes, you're out. Save your money, or it will disappear so fast it will make your head spin.

  • 12 months ago

    You need training & experience before you can start your business in this area. You clearly know nothing about event planning or starting a small business. You can take courses at community college, or a bachelor's degree. Then get several years of experience working for an established event planner.

    Expect to work very long hours!

    Source(s): Friend has over 30 yrs experience in the field, works internationally now on major conventions & other events.
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  • 12 months ago

    Go work for someone else who does this, learn the business and then go off on your own.

  • 12 months ago

    You need to know a lot of people so that people come to you when they want an even planned..

    This is just another of those "I want to start an airline, how do I do it?" questions.

    It's not going to happen. Find something else to not know how to do.

  • John
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    12 months ago

    Nobody is going to pay you to stand around saying, Huh?

  • 12 months ago

    I don't know many people who are hiring event planners for baby showers... it's something most people can do on their own.

    However, why do you want to do something that you know nothing about?

    would I need to:

    book a venue for them - no. You need to make sure the venue meets your clients needs and the contract terms are acceptable.

    buy decorations = ????? they are hiring an event planner, they expect to have CUSTOM decorations... you will buy the components and put them together. you would be responsible for setting up the event. you can hire someone to do this, but oyu are responsible for it.

    book cakes, catering = you work with the person giving the event to determine the menu and who will be handling the delivery.

    Also, do you recommend to buy stuff (decorations, plates, silverware, etc..) before starting a business?

    No. Every event is going to be custom. You are going to make decorations and rent the other items.

    How do I find out what are the typical rates in my location? If you don't know anything about being an event planner, why do you want to be one.

  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    I want to be a brain surgeon but I have no idea what to do. Do I have to actually remove the brain or do I just crack the skull open and poke around a bit?

    Go to university and get a degree in Hospitality Management. There is a reason people obtain an education, dear. There is also a reason people HIRE people who are educated.

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  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    Work for someone else for a few years and learn. Very little chance of success starting on your own with no experience.

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