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How do I remove yellow glue stains?

Over the weekend I bought a new bed frame and headboard. The headboard if tufted and it has a suede feel to it. When I bought it it was a little dirty so I decided to begin cleaning it with warm water and my favorite bar of stain remover soap. When I woke up in the morning to go check on them the rim of the buttons turned yellow! I know it’s probably a reaction of the soap I used and the glue. How do I remove these hideous stains from my headboard.

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    Why do you think it's from glue? Glue isn't usually used on that kind of button. The fabric is held on by pressure on the fabric with a piece of metal on the back of the button.

    I also suspect it's rust, and can think of no way to remove it without doing further damage. You'd have to remove the buttons and install new ones.

  • Andy
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    3 months ago

    Tufting buttons are typically metal underneath the fabric covering. My guess is that the moisture left over from the cleaning caused the metal button to rust through the fabric. If so, there is likely little you can do short of having the buttons replaced at an upholstery shop.

  • 3 months ago

    Try a white cloth with hydrogen peroxide on it

  • 3 months ago

    White glue like Elmer's Glue or yellow glue like Carpenter's glue. Ya do not need any soap. Hot water on a cotton rag, you might need to repeat it. Takes a little time Joe is right that's all you need patience

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  • Joe
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    3 months ago

    Don't be in too much of a hurry.

    If it's the common white or yellow glue that carpenters and cabinet makers use, it may have absorbed a little water from your cleaning effort. Give it a few days to get good and dry again: the glue may turn transparent as it dries.

  • DEBS
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    3 months ago

    Sand it down and re-stain it.

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