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Can you hjelp me find the TV-show I’m looking for?

So, me and my bf watched a really cool tv series a while ago, but we can’t for the life of us remember the title. I’ve tried googling and even looking through a list of vampire show but I can’t find it.

So; what I can remember is that there’s a woman in a coma in a medical bunker-thingy, and a soldier-type hunk is placed there to protect her (though he doesn’t know from who or what). I think at some point some people come to the bunker and he lets them in/they break in. One of the people is a female, black doctor, who is somehow turned into a vampire. They then end up locking her in a cage and I think some people are killed in the process. I can’t really remember any other details, but I think the woman wakes up at some point and is confused/angry.

Please help??

2 Answers

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