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why does this woman do this, its so annoying?

im female and go to the gym. This girl who I know goes as well and it just seems that whenever she spots me she works out beside me. Shes very good at stretching and yoga and seems to have this need to show off to me like shes looking for attention. So if I think shes going to be at the gym at a time I usually go I will actually go at another time or if I see her I will go the opposite end of the gym to avoid her. As soon as she sees me she gets up from where she is and shows off beside me. Why does she do this to me

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    She's insecure and jealous. She wants to feel superior to you. I've met women like her.

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  • 6 months ago

    Obviously she's trying to strike up a convo with you and could actually be interested in you. However, you shouldn't have to feel uncomfortable or switch your workout times because of this. So I would ask her why she's doing what she does and at least you'll get an answer. I've had guys do the same and after I've asked them they're interested but I just tell them to buzz off as I'm married.

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Maybe she is a closet lesbian?

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