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Anonymous asked in TravelVietnamOther - Vietnam · 8 months ago

How come people think I'm an idiot for calling cops names and wanting to lower my houses sales price in order to move?

So people have a problem with me now because I want to lower my house's sales price in order to get it sold fast to move out of my city. I hate the cops here because they are corrupted and arrested me for stupid reasons. They shouldn't have arrested me for ding dong ditching as it is a thing that I used to do as a kid. Everyone says I'm immature and says that I don't act my age at all, they say that I don't act like a 29 year old. I have called the cops here names and threatened to kill one viet cop here named hoang. He yelled at me because I called hotlines saying that I am suicidal just to get the suicide hotline people to stay on the phone with me. He almost arrested me once and handcuffed me once and then uncuffed and letted me go. People called me a jerk because I called him a witch and said that I wanted to punch him in the face. I want to lower my house sales price to $130,000 from $240,000. My family complains if we lower it we can't afford a house in houston, atlanta, LA or anywhere. Well I want to get out of here cause I am tired of these cops. Everyone says that I am immature for saying me not moving yet for my arrests. I am just so tired of people. I'm thinking about just getting an apartment in atlanta temporarily so I can avoid the cops. Everyone says that I'll get arrested if I were to try to get an apartment there when I have an court date. Why do people think I'm an idiot for all of this ? Why don't people understand that moving solves my legal problems ?

4 Answers

  • night
    Lv 6
    8 months ago

    You will still have to show up for your court dates even if you move. Moving doesn't change any legal issues you have.

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  • 8 months ago

    so you claim you hear voices....what are these voices?

    your 'friends' telling you you are a criminal with a stupid hobby? that is not schizophrenia, you are really hearing that, your brain is just remembering it....

    and again, JUST POST PROOF OF WHAT YOU HAVE ALREADY SAID ON HERE. that won't hurt any case as you will just post a document showing what you already said...

    so now you live in augusta?

    and I thought the cops name was tim vuong

    • Jacob8 months agoReport

      His name is not tim vuong, it is hoang nguyen of the richmond county sheriffs office in augusta

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    You have stated that you have broke the Law. So you are in the wrong; this puts them in the right.

    There maybe some police that break laws; but not here from what you type.

    Where are you going to more to live? Buy a shed for a house and put a commode and barbecue outside?

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  • 8 months ago

    It seems you got issues. And with your explosive temperament you can expect a lot more trouble with the police, no matter where you live. Counseling or a change in attitude can help you a lot.

    • Jacob8 months agoReport

      Well I know for a fact that moving out of augusta will solve all of my issues, even if its just to atlanta but i want to move to los angeles. I'm receiving counseling and on medications.

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