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How to call a unit of a pop-up space?

I have had a concrete space next to the main road that I have divided it in half recently ‘cause I wanted to lease them but I don’t know how to call each 35sqm space (which I have 2 now).Can I just say I have 2 units of 35sqm pop-up space.I’m here in Bangkok and most Thais call each portion ‘lock’.I guess they were referring to ‘lock portion’ but it doesn’t sound right to me.

Thanks in advance.

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    Probably just call it a " lock " and then describe it with size and any facilities like toilet/bathroom or water connected or electricity.

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    This does not make sense. Do you have a picture to better show what you are asking about? A concrete space next to the main road? Is it part of a house or condo/apartment? Call it anything you want. Maybe just call it a unit or a room or My Baan.

    I am taken another guess but I wish you show a picture. How about a bungalow.

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