Why does he?

So I created another tinder account, after deleting my first one, out of boredom. This time I didnt use my picture since I really didn t intend to match with anyone. However, there s this guy I ve matched with on tinder. We ve only messaged for 3 or 4 days. Yesterday he asked if I wanted to text him but I find it strange because he doesn t know what I look like ( which he s asked about the profile pic) or knows my name.

Maybe he wants to make sure he s not being catfished (he s not) but why else would he informally ask for my number

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  • Pope
    Lv 6
    6 months ago

    Going from tinder to a phone number feels like an official step. Getting a girls number is just one of those milestone successes.

    I'd say he probably does want to see what you look like because clearly you get on :)

    Here's a story of why I always get a girl's number if I want to date them, rather than stay on tinder:

    I matched with a girl - I was very attracted to her. We arranged to go on a date at a cocktail bar. I checked the day before and she said she was definitely up for it. Really excited: bought new trousers, picked my shirt out, went an hour early to make sure we got a table in the roof bar section. About ten minutes before she was about to arrive, I realised she'd just deleted me off tinder... Had a spiced Apple Mojito... thirty minutes later I left.

    Now I always get a girls number before I meet them. Thanks to Patricia (Screw you Patricia).

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    It's so he can send you nudes and create a fantasy around you. He clearly doesn't seem to need much actual information to get that going. Are you going along with this, or will you tell him to stick to communicating on Tinder?

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