Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicPolls & Surveys · 12 months ago

Why do people look more like their fathers than their mothers?

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  • SR
    Lv 6
    12 months ago

    I’m not sure where you got that idea from. It’s not true in every scenario. Some people end up looking exactly like their mothers.

  • Kathy
    Lv 7
    12 months ago

    I don't, I look more like my mother than my father.

  • Jamie
    Lv 7
    12 months ago

    New borns often do resemble the father , it goes back to primitive times , the mother naturally knew it was hers so the father had this subtle reassurance . But actually you get equal amounts of your parent's genes , and it might just seem to you they look more like their fathers but not necessarily true for most .

  • 12 months ago

    I think many times Jenny looks like her dad and Michael looks like his mom

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  • libra
    Lv 7
    12 months ago

    I don't think they do. I look more like my mother.

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