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Australian tv - Why cannot dvd recorder not pick up SBS Vice or SBS World?

Panasonic Viera Link tv and Panasonic Viera Link dvd recorder. (Outer S/East Melbourne suburbs)

External aerial connection to wall inputs directly into dvd recorder, with the tv therefore receiving aerial secondly via dvd recorder. Just noticed the recorder was not picking up on SBS Vice (& World) so did an automatic channel reset (twice) on dvd player but still cannot pick up those newer stations. TV has no problem picking up the stations.

Any suggestions?

Would have thought the tv would have had the problem picking up stations, of the two. Would it possibly be the dvd recorder, beong the older of the two, is becoming faulty or just cannot handle the number of stations? Just find it peculiar one has a problem and the other not.

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    The tuner in the recorder is probably less sensitive than the one in the TV.

    Try a mild boost of 3 to 6 dB (not more than 10) with an antenna amplifier.

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      The antenna is on the roof. Is there spmething I can attach, inside the house?

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