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Are guys being paranoid jealous and controlling or girls just trying to cover their a$$?

In my last relationship my GF was talking to an "old friend" on FB and going out more than usual. I called her out on it and she accused me of being paranoid jealous and trying to control her. Obviously she was cheating.

If you ask most wemon about similar situations those are their go to accusations. I'm just wondering if any wemon actually believe that or is it all about CYA

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    Yes, your ex was trying to cover her ***. Getting defensive and deflecting the issue/turning it around on you, when you have clear evidence of shady behaviour, is a CLASSIC thing cheaters do when they're called out. Do not fall for that, it's a manipulation tactic. Stick to your guns.

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  • kristy
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    11 months ago

    She wants you to dump her so she doesn’t have to dump you

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  • Ana
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    11 months ago

    They know that you’re not being wrong, they know they themselves are dirty cheaters, they’re just trying to put the blame on you so that you be silent and allow them to keep cheating secretly.

    The correct answer to her is “You’re right! I won’t be controlling you a second longer. Clearly you don’t want a faithful, committed relationship. So I’m dumping you. Now you won’t be “controlled” and you can do anything you want. Bye!”

    Saying this takes guts, but it’ll either get her to change, or it’ll at least make you look like a boss on the way out

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