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Will I still be able to play flash games after 2020?

I'm going to be blunt, I'm talking pornography games, like hentai and stuff, sites like E621.Net. What will happen to small flash games that don't require constant connection? Will I still have the option to run them? The format to download them is .SWF, btw. Please spare the hate I'm just curious, and help would be much appreciated.

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    While Adobe will officially discontinue all support for Flash in 2020 & all the major browsers have disabled Flash support by default (requiring users to opt-in for it's use & even then, it's recommended to use the "Ask For Permission" option for security), you'll still be able to utilize standalone Flash players while the OS still supports it.

    Please be aware that once Adobe fully sunsets the software, any bugs & security flaws within that software will NEVER be fixed. Therefore, you'll need to be careful about any Flash media as it could provide a way for malicious actors to hack into your computer... so proceed at your own risk (or at least create a Virtual Machine instance as a sandbox to protect your system from such potential risks).

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    pressingly there will be some sort of emulation (similar to dos box), under protected mode or some other work around flash's security flaws.

    so i assume yes but it will take fan of such game(/s) to try and figure it out

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