I m 15 years old and watch gay porn. Does that make me gay?

Hello, I am a 15 year old teenager and i ve been really confused about my sexuality. So basically, i watch gay porn and I seem to enjoy It. The problem is i never felt like i wanted to be in a relationship with another man and i dont feel romantically and sexually attracted to them. In fact, i had 2 gfs and now Im single again :( . I always wanted to have a wife in the future with children. The problem is, that this is confusing. Am I Gay? Am i Bi? I dont know. In fact all of my friends show me a** pics and i dont get turned on by them (yet). I really need your help. Is anything of those things normal?


I got my answer. I am not either gay or bi.The reason I did it was because of curiosity because i watched SO MUCH straight porn and i wanted to see something unusual.When i found out what comes out of the banana, i was like "Woah this is so cool do other people do this?" and got addicted to it cause it was new to me. However i said to myself "Do you want to kiss your gym buddy or the 14 year old girl at the beach?" That's how i realised it.It is normal for people on puberty. HORMONES go crazy.

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    You live in an age where people drink bleach, a woman got caught on camera for urinating in a basket of potatoes at Walmart. Where climate change is threatening our entire species. Where children train at school drills to lessen the chance of getting shot. Where you can identify as a transgender twin mooned albino wolf and you're only a little weird. Where the internet has the promise of educating everyone and yet Common core has to 'update' 2+2 in a more sophisticated way. This world is god damn crazy. Where Kardashians are more sucsesful and richer than you will likely ever be. 20 years of your life into buying a house of your dreams is equivalent to the the plastic surgery they get for their brazilian butts and **** and so they can **** in a golden toilet, all in a day's whimsies. WHAT IS NORMAL

    You're 15. By almost all standards you're still growing. You change up until death. You're busy doing chores, carrying about social status, doing homework, probably vaping or smoking weed with friends, and did I forget MEMES and probably fortnite or your equivalent, as well as preparing for this ****** up society I just mentioned.

    You're still maturing sexually (although 'mostly' done), emotionally and mentally (It's not as if you FEEL underdeveloped, your consciousness probably feels normal to you. You have memories of your childhood, but can you really vividly recall your mental processes as much? No. How you think when you're older will be different, but not like a light switch from on to off.


    You're sexuality is what you're attracted to.

    What do you mean by 'seem to enjoy it' (in reference to gay porn). Are you turned on? Do you fantasize about being in their positions? Do you think these same thoughts through the day?

    When you say 'romantically and sexually attracted to them'. It's not as if because you're gay you just 'like men'. Yes, but there's more criteria then that. If you're straight would you sleep with Hillary clinton? Gay, Donald Trump? No. They're ******* gross. (well, Clinton isn't that bad, but Trump lol). You build a connection with a person and become slowly and gradually (at a comfortable pace) more emotionally attached to them. It's not as if you approach someone with the thoughts "I am going to form a connection with this person that will turn into romantic interest." You go to the movies, you laugh and have a good time. You go on a date to discuss interests. All of these IN-THE-MOMENT experiences are then holistically judged by you to determine if you're attracted to the person.

    In my case I can find a guy sexually attractive ez af. However, (and not that I do hookups, but at the the thought of it) it makes me really nervous. I am only really comfortable with being sexual once I am close with that person emotionally. So maybe for you, emotion and relationship comes before sexual attraction. (Someone you may think looks 7/10 becomes 'I don't care if they're 7/10 because I like them (: ).

    Just because you HAD gf's doesn't make you straight or gay. You could of dated girls and that turned out to be a failure because you're gay. You could be straight but dated girls and it didn't work out so now you've concluded that you're gay cuz you're single.

    That's a goal, which is similarly attainable if you had a husband and children via insemination or adoption.

    Are you gay? Are you bi? You don't know, you think my 24 year old *** studying folksong Kodaly approach for music education while listening to Markiplier scream and binging on cookies is going to know whether or not you're gay? LOL.

    Sorry for the rant lengthed post. There is no answer that anyone here can give you. You have to be patient, open, and honest to yourself. Experiment. Date a guy (communicate to him that you are unsure or curious).

    That doesn't tell you if you're gay, but don't focus on that. Focus on

    Do you enjoy being near that person?

    Do you find THEM attractive. Not because they're a woman, or a man, just if you like that person.

    Do you connect emotionally?

    Do you want to see them again?

    and your ideas and interests will slowly fall in place.

    good luck!

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      My God and I thought I could write long answers. Nice effort.

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    The thing is that if you enjoy watching homosexual activity then that's a pretty good indicator that you are a homosexual, because you are in fact engaging in a homosexual behavior. A tree is known by it's fruit. You know an apple tree because it makes apples. You know an orange tree because it makes oranges. In the same way, you know a homosexual because a homosexual engages in homosexual behavior.

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  • 6 months ago

    It sounds more like you got bored with regular porn and needed a new kink.

    People watch porn of all kinds of things that they would never attempt in real life - different strokes for different folks.

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  • 6 months ago

    No, porn, is not reality.

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  • 6 months ago

    When you say you watch gay porn, I take that to say you do so and masturbate. (No one watches porn like they do say an action packed movie.)

    The fact you have had female company yet resort to sexual satisfactions by way of gay porn says at a minimum you would be bisexual and yet if that is so, why are there no girls in your life to give you a hand job?

    Yes you may want to one day marry and have children yet the fact your not working on that rather than working on your manhood while watching gay porn, that says a lot.

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  • 6 months ago

    You are 15 and sexual. All sorts of things turn you on. Don't worry about labels, you don't need one. You are in an age of discovery and experiment. Try things. If you like them, do them again; if you don't, don't.

    No-one can tell you what your sexuality is, that is something you discover for yourself. In later years when you might need a label, you will know which applies to you but you don't need one now so don't give yourself one. Just be you and enjoy your explorations of yourself and the world. You are only 15 for one year in your entire life. Enjoy it! Next year you will be 16 with all that entails and that is to be enjoyed too. Never ever constrict or restrict yourself with labels. Labels don't define you, you define yourself.

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    6 months ago

    Porn doesn't have anything to do with real life. If you have zero attraction to any boys or men IRL, you're not gay. You're probably not bi either. You're just a horny teen who would get turned on my animals f#cking or masturbating into watermelons.

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      You are right. I had to choose this as the best anwser A+++ from me :D

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    6 months ago

    I am female but can get turned on by two guys together

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