India is headed towards an economic slowdown. Will US help India?

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  • 4 months ago
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    Personally I think America and Europe should preferentially purchase goods from India rather than China. India is a friendlier nation than China, but you need to have industry in your country providing suitable goods or services for the rest of the world. With the current political climate and distrust towards China, there is opportunity to be had. It just depends whether a country like yours is willing and able to seize that opportunity.

    However if you mean whether a cash handout will be provided to India, then no. That is not going to happen. You have to supply what ever is in demand at the right price.

    India is well placed to do this and I wish they would.

  • 4 months ago

    I will have to ask my Indian friend.

  • Oiy
    Lv 4
    4 months ago

    Yes, if you don't just sit at the bank of the river anymore.

  • John
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    4 months ago

    India appears to prefer having large amounts of poverty.

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