Need help from people have READ A TON OF BOOKS! my girlfriend remembers reading two books in roughly 2013. I am on a quest to find them!?

I understand that these details are flaky but it’s all I have to go on so I apologize.

The first book she claims had a late teen or young adult aged female that passed away. She says she was hit by a taxi. She then goes to Heaven and can watch her family on earth through a telescope type apparatus but this isn’t always a good thing as it can bring sorrow. She then falls in love with a former fire fighter in Heaven. Also people have to spend a certain amount time in Heaven which is correlated to their age on earth before they can go back to Earth.

The second book she says a family went on vacation and the parents left the children in a hotel room as they went off to do something. Whilst they were absent a tsunami struck the area so I am assuming the setting was coastal in a an area that had a severe tsunami as she claims some events depicted were based on true events. The kids were found by a couple they didn’t know and they were saved when the female in the couple sacrificed herself my pushing the kids towards the male and safety but also pushing herself away due to the normal force created when pushing the kids. I’m guessing she went down a violent Chanel of water.

She describes both books to be about an inch and a half to two inches think. Any help would be greatly appreciated and if you have read this far I appreciate that even if you can’t help. Have a wonderful day everyone!

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    The first book is Elsewhere: a Novel, by Gabrielle Zevin.

    The second book sounds like Escaping the Giant Wave, by Peg Kehret

  • 4 months ago

    Change your girlfriend. This one is no good.

  • 4 months ago

    yeah dude i know what you mean.

    • colt4 months agoReport

      As in your are also on a futile quest or you know the books lol?

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