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Does anyone know what happened to me?

i was smoking weed after work, it was around 3am. I'm not saying the weed did it since i have smoked it before and this has NEVER happened. this was something medical. i was sitting on the floor, and all of a sudden, its really hard to explain. but, a line, lines?, showed up, my whole body tensed up. i couldn't move, and it was terrifying me. i couldn't control my body. i had, and still do, have this HUGE pain in my head, and there where these dots showing up on the floors and everything was like it was glitching out, i felt as if i was going to throw up, and pee, and i felt my whole body, everything tensed up, and was twitching. but the lines before where connected to the dots, and they where also connected to me, and if i moved, so did the apartment, and i couldn't stop screaming because i was in so much pain. and the more the people around me where touching me, and kept me moving, it wouldn't be as bad, but it was horrid. and i couldn't stop it from happening, MULTIPLE times. back to back. still today, i I'm very super tired been in and out of sleep all day, my head hurts and i still feel that tightness i felt last night/early morning, very nauseous, and parts of my body are numb and then aren't over and over again. i feel slower. there was a video taken, and my face was twitching and my eyes where rolling to the back of my head. i just dont know how to describe it.

2 Answers

  • 10 months ago

    Sounds like you got a bad dose of something you weren't suppose to, maybe your weed was laced with PCP that's bad stuff.

    • MacKenzie10 months agoReport

      my brother and i looked that up today, since he was with me, but it was never able to explain how he never had any of the issues i did, and we smoked the same weed the night before. it didn't happen to me then, then all of a sudden did. doesn't add up, with how Sevier and painful it was.

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  • 10 months ago

    im sorry, this made no sense...

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