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What to do about my cat peeing outside the box?

I have had two cats for over a decade now--one male and one female. my family got them when I was a little girl, and they're growing older (still just as cute though!). However, for almost as long as we've had these two, the boy cat has been a trouble maker. A few years ago, he started peeing outside of the box, and on couches, bags, walls, and anything else he can find. we tried everything to combat it--more litter boxes, new types of litter, boxes in new locations. he's also been neutered since he was kitten. My mom works so hard to take care of these cats--she always cleans up his accidents and I help her as much as I can, but I always feel like it's not enough. We've even taken him to the vet several times about the issue and he has no serious health issues (except being overweight, which he always has been, and a tooth infection that got fixed). This bad behavior has become a habit for him and causes so much stress on my family, and I worry that it causes stress on the kitties too! Does anyone have any advice? Has anyone been through something similar? I will do whatever it takes to help my cats, and to help my mom out. I hate how much stress she's under with these pets, who we all love dearly and would never get rid of. Thank you for any help you could give.


Edit: I believe he's spraying, not peeing. He backs up against the object and shakes/vibrates his tail, and sprays the surface. It's so strange because he was neutered/fixed as a baby! And he and his sister have been together their whole lives. they do fight sometimes but generally get along, and always have.

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  • C
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    4 months ago

    If he's spraying it isn't because he needs to pee and has gone off his litterbox. Some toms, neutered or not will always be sprayers. Some develop the habit as a response to changes that make them feel insecure in an attempt to regain control over their territory. Sometimes it's because a new human joins the household, sometimes it's because they're aware of another cat in the vicinity, they are aware of cats outside even if they are indoor only. It could also be your other cat that's the reason. Even littermates grow up to need their own territory and it can be stressful to them if the available space is too small for their psychological needs. Have you tried a feliway plug in? If it's stress that will often chill them right out and reduce the need to mark territory.

  • J C
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    4 months ago

    He is still marking territory, or has a problem the vet hasn't found. Has the vet ruled out bladder or kidney stones? Is the litter box clean - meaning scooped twice a day - and do you have more than one litter box? Add the second or third box. If they are covered, take off the lids. Is there a possibility that there are stray cats outside, who are spraying and he is reacting to that? Have you thoroughly cleaned the areas he's sprayed with an enzymatic cleaner like Nature's Miracle? If he can smell the spots he's going to continue to mark over them. Do they both have "territory" to call their own? A cat tree with 4 levels can provide that. Put it in front of a sunny window. Has he been declawed? A declawed cat can develop pain in their paws, like bone chips, and that can cause spraying too. If you've done all of this, as the vet about Prozac for him. It can do wonders for cats that are anxious - and many anxious cats begin to spray to mark territory. It's cheap and generally very effective as that last resort.

  • PR
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    4 months ago

    Do you think your cat might want to go outside on occasion to play? We have the same problem with one of our cats. I sometimes question the ability of the vet who neutered him, since he seems to think he is still intact.

    Ours is a "scaredy-cat" and will not go outside. Our other cat loves the outdoors and urinates and sprays outside and around the yard.

    • jennifer4 months agoReport

      My cat is also a "scaredy cat" who hates being outdoors. I wish he liked it more! Thank you for your advice.

  • Bill
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    4 months ago

    the tom ( male cat ) is just marking his terrority

    Maybe he was to just be out side more so if you live in a house with a yard , make a cut run for him outside or put him on a suitable lead on a runner

    Find a person who specilaizes in cat behaviour and see if anything can be done

    remember cats are feral animals by nature and love to roam so maybe your tom is going through a phase

    • jennifer4 months agoReport

      I always try to put him outside but he hates it and gets so scared! it makes so sense. thank you for your advice, though. :) much appreciated! 🐈

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