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How has having a dog improved your life?

Just want to hear stories. Been thinking about getting one of my own the last two years but wanted to make sure I was stable all around before I introduced a pet to my home. Any tips you’d like to share as well for a first time pet parent.

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    Vastly in one word..... in fact life for me would be extremely hard without dogs

    .... Have you ever tried driving Ewes and lambs over land without a sheepdog---- ?

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    Source(s): Shepherd...... I rely on my dogs greatly you see! They help support both me and my human family so are respected duly also ( They are in fact my canine family members Hence they see the vet far more often than i see my own doctor also, the truth be told.
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    There's not enough space to even BEGIN to explain how my dog has changed my life for the better. My dog started improving my life the very moment I first met her. I would not be where I am today without her love and support. Ever hear Celine Dion's Because You Loved Me? That's my dog to me. And ever since I lost her over a year ago, I've felt very lost. She's still the reason I keep going because the only thing that ever really mattered was that she'd be proud of me. She has LITERALLY saved my life on more than one occasion. For over twelve years she had been there for me no matter what. She was more than just my dog. She was my best friend. She helped raise me, yet she was like my baby. Nothing made me happier than getting her special treats every now and then and making her a doggy cake for her birthday. I could go on and on about my furry guardian angel; my sweet, sweet Sophie.

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    This could be said to be chatting but here are up and downs to having dogs - the up would be companionship leading maybe to a hobby (eg showing). The down would be having to let them go at the end of their lives and the emptying of a Bank account when hitting a bad patch. Or buying in unwisely (she says, with feeling)!!

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    First I find that when I'm out with my dog people speak to me more. As I live alone that's nice because sometimes I do feel a bit non-existent.

    Secondly, after my Dad died, I became quite depressed and found myself pretty much alone. Dogs get over things quickly, and although she did seem to wait for my Dad at 6pm to come home from work, after a week she stopped. She has a great sense of humour and she forced me to get out of bed each day when I really didn't want to.

    I get daily exercise to which I find often brightens my mood.

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    I just got an Australian Shepherd puppy to force myself to be more active. They are high energy dogs who will completely wreck your house and yard if you don't keep them busy.

    So far, it's been a huge expense and a LOT of work. She is very cute though.

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    Well. I'm dog owner and trust me first it's like having a human baby, so be prepared. Second they make you understand the meaning of life. Their such beautiful creatures. They will be your best friend forever their there even in the hardest times. They help you though them

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    Dogs can improve the mood in a household. They're fun pets to have. Many also seem to treat their new home as their new territory often giving you a natural guard dog. Though that's not always going to be the case. My dogs the softest thing in the world but barks in an intimidating way. Anyone who gets closer knows its all bark and no bite but thieves and such whom know they're up to no good might think twice knowing there's a dog around after hearing the barking. Either that or the barking is also an alarm which in itself also deters criminals. In short you get a loving pet and on top get a bunch of other useful benefits.

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